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We are a group of recognised industrialists in Singapore with the vision to transform the Water Treatment Industry introducing Nanobubble technology with IoT monitoring and control solutions.   

AquaPro Solutions Pte Ltd is setup by a group of enthusiasts in Year 2013 with the intent to focus on using technology to provide Eco-Friendly water treatment solutions for various industries.

James Chow
Kelvin Wang
Business Lead

James Chow is the founder and brain for the Nanobubble Technology. His deep vast of experience from engineering to business acumen allows the company to bring the team where it is today. 

Kelvin Wang graduated with a bachelor in mechanical engineering from NTU. His sales expertise in his previous job give him the edge to be understand the needs of customers in an engineering sense. 

Charlie Chow
Operations Lead

Charlie Chow has 35 years of experience in the manufacturing sector. His capabilities in running operations in a cost and time efficient manner helps the company to grow.

Steven Chow
Manufacturing Lead

Steven Chow has 35 years of experience from design to manufacturing of mechanical tools. His on site experience gives him the knowledge on the know-how of a good mechanic. 

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