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Extracted from PUB Efficiency Benchmark for Office

In traditional method of treating the cooling tower water quality, chemical has a limiting factor of Cycle of Concentration (COC) which affects the LSI index. Under the PUB Technical Reference for Water Conservation of Cooling Tower 2017, increasing COC will lead to an increase demand for anti-fouling chemicals to allow for higher salt concentration without the risk of deposition. Because corrosion is an electrochemical reaction, higher conductivity due to higher dissolved solids increase the corrosion rate. Thus, as the cooling tower water is concentrated and pH increases, the tendency to precipitate scale-forming salts increases. 

AquaPro Solutions has successfully replace the traditional method of using chemical in treating cooling tower water quality. The water savings for building owner is a plus also as the conductivity of the cooling tower was able to increase 25-35% and still keeping the LSI index within 0.5 to 1.2 range.

Aquapro Solution - Cooling Tower Brochur

Nano-Ozone Bubbles System for Cooling Tower Water Treatment

  • NOB System completely replaces chemical treatment 

  • Increase current COC to achieve water saving

  • Lower maintenance cost 

  • Non immunity to micro-organism 

  • Meet Regulatory Requirement to PUB & NEA

  • Eco Friendly, Chemical Free and Non-Toxic

  • No chemical storage on site required

  • Enhances energy efficiency due to cleaner cooling tower

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