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aQua+ nanobubble generator help increase your Dissolved Oxygen (DO) in the most effective way and assist you in reducing COD, BOD and ammonia. The aQua+ also helps to increase the density and survival rate of your seafood. We also provide a complete solutions including capability of building a Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) for you. Speak to us to find out more! 

Oxygen nanobubble-enriched water prevents root asphyxiation due to lack of oxygen in the media or substrate. Thus by increasing oxygen in the root zone, this  activates/increases beneficial bacteria that suppress pathogens and enhance the conversion of ammonia to nitrate. Expect an increased of yields of about 10% to 30%, driven by higher dissolved oxygen levels and nutrient absorption.

Revive your ponds by introducing aQua+ nanobubbles. By increasing dissolved oxygen at the bottom of the pond, it clears up the sludge, helps the Plankton and Aerobic Microbes to Grow and finally kills Anaerobic Bacteria and other microbes. 

Our aQua+ nanobubble generator is suitable for small private pool right in your backyard! There are two parts to the solutions. First is disinfection for the water and Second is swimming in enriched oxygen. There are lots of health benefits, especially in promoting cell regrowth, skin metabolism and hydration to the skin. 

We offer a complete solution by injecting high concentration ozone into our aQua+ Nanobubble Generator. We also will incorporate a side stream filter to assist in the treatment. This will reduce your blowdown water and further increase your Cycle of Concentration. 

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