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Portable Ozone Generator for Daily Usage!*New*

  • Kill bacteria and virus up to 100m2 in just 1 hour treatment

  • Kill bacteria and virus in car in just 10 minutes

  • Remove heavy odour and smoke

  • Deodorize and sterilize your space from any odours, mould, bacteria, viruses and VOCs.

  • Remove formaldehyde, benzene, hydrazine and volatile organic compounds in the air.

  • Remove odour from second-hand smoke; bathroom disinfection;

  • Car inner space sterilization.

  • Powerful & Low noise level

  • Portable, Light and Easy maintenance

  • Corona discharge technology with replaceable ceramic ozone plate

  • High-powered oxidation in a compact, rugged, and simple design.

  • Heat sink to reduce the heat on the ozone plate, longer lifespan

Contact us @ 91074854 for more information

AquaPro Oxygen Concentrator.jpg

Oxygen Generator 

  • Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology

  • Simple to use and maintain

  • Build in adjustable regulator to set oxygen flow rate

  • Oxygen purity up to 96%

  • Wide range of model from 3LPM to 80LPM

Portable Ozone Generator_edited.jpg

Portable Ozone Generator

  • Corono Discharge Ozone Cell

  • Portable design, plug and play

  • 3G/5G portable ozone sterilizer that is suitable for room sizes up to 50 metre squares for 1 hour treatment. 

  • Adjustable Ozone Output

  • Time Control from 0 to 120mins

  • Low energy consumption

Ozone Generator for Kitchen Exhaust_edit

Ozone Generator

  • Corono Discharge Ozone Cell with Ceramic Plate

  • Suitable for Kitchen Ventilation Duct

  • Less Grease, Less Odour, Improves Fire Safety

  • Reduce duct cleaning & Environment Friendly

  • Wide range of model from 20g/hr to 120g/hr

  • Treat 7000 CMH to 30,000 CMH of airflow

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