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Used Coolant Treatment System

The UCT System leverages ozonation, a powerful oxidation process, to effectively remove contaminants, bacteria, and foul odors from the used coolant. Ozone, a highly reactive form of oxygen, acts as a potent disinfectant and oxidizing agent, breaking down organic compounds and eliminating pathogens present in the coolant. This ensures that the treated coolant meets high-quality standards and provides a clean and safe environment for CNC machining operations.

In addition to ozonation, the UCT System incorporates nanobubble technology, harnessing the unique properties of nanoscale bubbles to enhance the treatment process. The nanobubbles generated by AquaPro Solutions' proprietary Nanobubble Generator provide increased surface area, promoting efficient mass transfer and improved oxygenation of the coolant. This leads to enhanced performance and stability of the coolant, resulting in optimized CNC machine operation and extended tool life.

The UCT System offers several key benefits for CNC machining operations. Firstly, by treating and reusing the coolant, significant cost savings can be achieved by reducing the need for frequent coolant replacement. This also minimizes the environmental impact associated with coolant disposal, supporting sustainability goals.

Benefits at a glance

- Reduce fluids purchases, including coolants, cleaners and others industrial manufacturing chemicals up to 65%

- Reduce costs related to the disposal of waste coolant and other industrial chemicals up to 90%

- Extend the life of the tooling, pumps and other valuable production equipment because of cleaner fluids

- Enhance the work environment and worker safety by removing contaminants from fluids

- Greatly reduce the man-hours spent managing coolants

- Safeguards employee health, safety morale due to reduced dermatitis, misting, smoke, bacteria, fungus and odours

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